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Albert Cyprys and Senior Center Volunteering

Albert Cyprys, an active member of his community and title-bearing intramural soccer player, is also a saxophonist and a skateboarding enthusiast. Albert Cyprys has joined the accounting club and the Beta Alpha Psi club at Fairfield University, located in Fairfield, CT, where he is attending college. Giving back to his community and supporting his community are two key values in the life of Albert Cyprys.

Apart from volunteering at his local soup kitchen, playing saxophone in music groups for people to enjoy, riding his skateboard instead of driving, and playing soccer with his friends, Albert Cyprys also volunteers at his local senior center.

Albert Cyprys likes volunteering at senior centers because he gets to share stories with people that have lived in other, interesting times. Albert enjoys hearing stories and experiences from history, and the older times before he was even born.

The elderly folks enjoy talking to young people too. Albert Cyprys has made friends with many of the senior citizens, and the senior centers for which he volunteers much of his time to really appreciate him. These friendships have become invaluable to Albert. Priceless friendships have been made between Albert and the senior citizens at the senior center for which he volunteers. Albert Cyprys enjoys playing board games with many of the senior citizens at the senior center for which he volunteers.

Albert Cyprys says that volunteering at the senior center is one of the most rewarding experiences he has ever been a part of, and he would highly recommend volunteering at a senior center to anyone who is interested in giving back to their community.

Albert Cyprys and Joining Beta Alpha Psi

Moving away from home and going to college is a pretty terrifying experience for anybody to go through. You won’t know anybody, and you have probably never lived in this place before. It will, in general, be a pretty huge experience. There are many ways to get involved at your college and meet new people. You could play sports or join a club or just walk up to people and talk to them. One of the best things to do is to join a club or organization. Clubs are usually made up of people who share a common interest or characteristic, and are a great place to start making friends. Clubs participate in many different activities as a group. Occasionally they even put on events that are coordinated through the college.

Albert Cyprys goes to Fairfield University, located in beautiful Fairfield, CT. It was here   that Albert joined the Beta Alpha Psi club. Albert Cyprys thoroughly enjoyed his experience at Fairfield University, but especially enjoyed everything he did with the Beta Alpha Psi club.

Albert Cyprys and all of his Beta Alpha Psi friends would play sports against other clubs. They also coordinate events with other Fairfield University clubs, which others might attend and enjoy. Albert Cyprys and all of his Beta Alpha Psi clubmates would even give back to their community of Fairfield by volunteering hours to take part in community service. Their community service involved everything from picking up litter, to volunteering in soup kitchens and senior centers. Albert Cyprys highly recommends that anyone going to college look into joining a club. You will have a lot of friends and be an active community member.

Cyprys, Albert – Accounting Club Studies Now short

In today’s economy, it can be tough trying to do anything that involves money. Keeping track of personal finances is more important now than it ever has been in the past. Albert Cyprys joined the accounting club for this very reason! Albert Cyprys believes that learning how to keep track of finances is a very important skill that everyone should learn how to perform.

Accounting isn’t just keeping track of finances. That is definitely one part of it, but it also involves knowing how investments work and other things of that nature. Many people have trouble keeping track of their money and knowing how much to spend. Joining an accounting club will allow the person joining to learn how to do exactly that. Albert is the publicist and an officer in the accounting club. Albert Cyprys highly recommends that everyone look into joining an accounting club because the benefits are so great. Anyone can very easily start saving money that they are already making just by joining an accounting club and learning how to save money better.

Remember, Albert Cyprys joined the accounting club at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT and continues to enjoy it and perform exceedingly well! It could be just as easy for anyone else to do exactly the same thing! It does take a small amount of effort to locate a club that you enjoy and that helps improve your skills, but once you find it and join up, the benefits are endless.

Soup Kitchen Volunteering: Albert Cyprys

There are so many ways that a person can give back to their community. From building houses to help unfortunate people, to picking up litter that maybe scattered about in town, to planting trees and plants and gardens around your neighborhood, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Albert Cyprys thinks that everyone should look into volunteering at their local soup kitchen. Soup kitchens bring people together to eat a hot bowl of soup and enjoy conversation with one another. With all of the cell phone usage and texting going on today, he thinks it is important for everyone to continue to have personal, physical communication with each other, without the use of a cell phone or one form or another of social media.

Now, you don’t necessarily need to volunteer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to make a difference. Just a couple hours of your time here and there will make all the difference in the world. Many people are not fortunate enough to be able to afford a hot meal every day, so Albert Cyprys feels that what he is doing by volunteering at his local soup kitchen is a great act of kindness.

You can volunteer many different ways. Try looking in your phone book or online to find a soup kitchen. Albert Cyprys recommends to everyone that they should take the step – call or email to see when they need volunteers. Whenever you have free time, you should also just show up at the soup kitchen and talk to people. Albert Cyprys thinks that volunteering at the soup kitchen has always been a rewarding experience, and he plans to continue there for as long as possible.

Tennis Town: Albert Cyprys

Albert Cyprys has always loved competitive sports; he has played many of them throughout his life. However, one sport in particular has always stood out and made itself separate from the rest, and that sport is none other than tennis. Albert Cyprys has as a long list of tennis players that he draws inspiration from. The list of tennis players that Albert Cyprys draws inspiration from includes: Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Ivan Lindl and Wojtek Fibak.  Albert Cyprys also draws inspiration from a few female tennis players. The female tennis players that Albert Cyprys draws inspiration from are: Martina Navratilova, Stefanie Graf, Chris Evert, Agnieszka Radwanska, and Maria Sharapova. All of these players inspired Albert Cyprys to carry on playing tennis throughout his life.

Albert Cyprys played a lot of tennis growing up. He and he family would play tennis whenever they could, and he also had a few friends that played tennis. Albert ended up going to Fairfield University, located in the great town of Fairfield, CT. It was at Fairfield University that Albert Cyprys first joined the tennis club, which he is still a part of. Albert Cyprys plays many, many long hours of tennis with his fellow classmates and other people at Fairfield University. There are numerous tennis clubs that people can join throughout the country. Albert Cyprys highly recommends that everyone goes out and takes a shot at tennis – you probably won’t be sorry that you did! It is a great physical activity that pretty much anyone is capable of learning.

Albert Cyprys always recommends staying well hydrated when playing tennis, and to also remember to stay well rested. It is important to stay active, but don’t forget to rest!

Stay Active Blog: Albert Cyprys

Albert Cyprys has found many fun and exciting ways to stay active. One thing you can do to stay active is to play intramural sports. Albert Cyprys decided to play soccer, known as football throughout most of the world, to stay physically active. Soccer is a great team building exercise that allows the players to learn how to properly communicate and get to learn how to work as a team. Team sports are the best way to build team skills for most people. So if you are in an area that has team sports for you to sign up for, Albert Cyprys recommends that everyone give them a shot!


But obviously team sports aren’t the only solution to staying active. Albert Cyprys also recommends skateboarding to anyone who enjoys extreme sports. Skateboarding can be extremely fun and exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Albert Cyprys sometimes remembers to wear a helmet and the proper protective gear when skateboarding.  It is most important to wear protective gear at the skatepark, since people are more likely to attempt to skate bigger obstacles there.

While skateboarding may not seem like the most “active” sport there is, it definitely pushes the rider to the limit when it comes to endurance. Skateboarding for long periods of time can be exhausting and take a toll on your body. Albert Cyprys recommends taking breaks once in a while to make sure you stay well rested.


Between soccer and skateboarding, it is easy to see how Albert Cyprys stays active.

Skateboarding Areas Of New York City With Albert Cyprys

New York City is one of the largest, sprawling metropolises in the entire world. The population is one of the largest in the world – it is one crowded place. It is home to more businesses and corporations than most other places in the world as well. Many famous television production studios call New York City home. Many of the television shows that families sit down together in the evenings and watch are filmed in New York City.  There is so much happening in the giant City of New York that it can be overwhelming. There is a plethora of fun to be had in New York City, so it can be easy to forget about some of the more simple pleasures of the mega-city.

Albert Cyprys is a skateboarding enthusiast. Albert spends some of his free time skateboarding around the five boroughs of the giant, confusing and always amazing New York City. In fact, Albert Cyprys has found some of the best corners and hideaways to skate in the giant city. One day he would love to be able to freely skateboard through the ever-popular section of New York City known as Times Square. Of course this may never happen, but there are still plenty of entertaining areas that Albert Cyprys and any other skateboarder with a little experience can enjoy.

There are a few corners of Brooklyn that have great areas to skate. Most of the areas are on the east side of Brooklyn and contain large numbers of rails and ledges for skateboarders to grind on.  The west side of Brooklyn also has plenty of streets that are great for skateboarding! Remember though, Albert always recommends wearing the proper safety gear when skateboarding. Albert Cyprys thinks everyone should stay safe!

Albert Cyprys Is A Saxophonist

Albert Cyprys is currently a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut. There, he participates in many clubs and groups, but also focuses much of his time and energy on one of his favorite activities: playing the saxophone.

Albert Cyprys played the saxophone in a few bands with his friends, some of who are amazing musicians. One of the things that Albert Cyprys loves about playing the saxophone is that the saxophone, which is a member of the woodwind instrument family, is an enjoyable instrument to play in any genre of music. The saxophone is capable of producing pleasing sounds to the listeners of nearly all types of music. Albert Cyprys enjoys playing along with jazz trios and a few other types of musical groups.

After listening to old jazz records growing up, Albert Cyprys knew he had found something he was passionate about. The saxophone was an activity that he could enjoy for the rest of his life. Albert Cyprys played saxophone throughout middle school and high school.

Albert Cyprys recommends to anyone who is interested in music to at least give the saxophone a try for a few weeks. It might not be the easiest instrument in the world to play because it does require a few special touches. After all, the feeling you get when playing the saxophone with a group of other musicians makes the entire arduous learning experience well worth it. It certainly isn’t easy to become a professional saxophone player, but anyone who is interested should at least try, as Albert has done.