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Albert Cyprys is currently a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut. There, he participates in many clubs and groups, but also focuses much of his time and energy on one of his favorite activities: playing the saxophone.

Albert Cyprys played the saxophone in a few bands with his friends, some of who are amazing musicians. One of the things that Albert Cyprys loves about playing the saxophone is that the saxophone, which is a member of the woodwind instrument family, is an enjoyable instrument to play in any genre of music. The saxophone is capable of producing pleasing sounds to the listeners of nearly all types of music. Albert Cyprys enjoys playing along with jazz trios and a few other types of musical groups.

After listening to old jazz records growing up, Albert Cyprys knew he had found something he was passionate about. The saxophone was an activity that he could enjoy for the rest of his life. Albert Cyprys played saxophone throughout middle school and high school.

Albert Cyprys recommends to anyone who is interested in music to at least give the saxophone a try for a few weeks. It might not be the easiest instrument in the world to play because it does require a few special touches. After all, the feeling you get when playing the saxophone with a group of other musicians makes the entire arduous learning experience well worth it. It certainly isn’t easy to become a professional saxophone player, but anyone who is interested should at least try, as Albert has done.

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