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Albert Cyprys’ Top 4 Favorite Places to Take Pictures in NYC

As an avid photographer, Albert Cyprys enjoys seeing the world through the eyes and lens of a camera. Though he’s traveled throughout the United States and around the world, New York City remains one of Albert Cyprys’ favorite places to take pictures. “The city is so rich in culture and visual character,” says Albert Cyprys. “No matter how many times you walk down the same street, same alley, there’s always something new to see.”


Throughout the years, Albert Cyprys has taken many pictures throughout New York City and has compiled some of his favorite places to document. They include:


  1. Fifth Avenue. For many years, Albert Cyprys has attended New York City’s annual Easter Hats Parade, which proceeds down Fifth Avenue. The entire stretch provides many opportunities for captivating pictures, says Albert Cyprys. Plus, attending the Hats Parade is a fun tradition to participate in.
  2. Grand Central Terminal. Not only is this building historic and iconic, it’s also a visual display of architectural grandeur. “Whether you’re photographing from the streets or within the terminal itself, there’s an incredible flow of life that photographers can document,” says Albert Cyprys.
  3. 5 Pointz. Like any other major metropolitan area, New York City is no stranger to graffiti. However, many areas in NYC such as 5 Pointz are covered with graffiti so good that it’s considered an art. Albert Cyprys enjoys photographing these images and sharing them with his family and friends.
  4. Central Park. As a young adult who loves the outdoors, Central Park is a natural addition to Albert Cyprys’ favorite places to photograph in New York City. Albert Cyprys enjoys the park’s scenic trails and the contrast of the overcast of trees against the city skyline.


Even if photographers can’t travel to New York City to take pictures, Albert Cyprys encourages people to find places around them to document. “There are photographable moments and images everywhere,” says Albert Cyprys. “It’s part of our calling as photographers to find those images and document them.”

Why Albert Cyprys Collects Coins and Stamps

Collecting coins and stamps is considered to be one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Albert Cyprys has enjoyed collecting coins and stamps for many years, and shares insight as to why it’s such as fulfilling experience. Regardless of age or income, stamp collecting is very appealing and worthwhile, says Albert Cyprys.

“First and foremost, stamps are history. They represent not only iconic people and places, but historic events that have shaped our world,” says Albert Cyprys. “Stamps make learning fun cause you don’t even realize you’re learning.” Indeed, friends and family have noticed Albert Cyprys’ surprising depth of knowledge concerning the presidents of the United States and other historical figures. Albert Cyprys attributes it to his coin and stamps collection that have unobtrusively broadened his historical knowledge.

As an avid traveler who has traveled across the United States and abroad, Albert Cyprys has had many opportunities to collect various coins and stamps that represent unique places in the world. During his travels to Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia, Albert Cyprys was always on the lookout for new items that he could add to his collection. Albert Cyprys was even recently in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, where he was able to keep coins and stamps that embodied the local culture.

“Collecting is definitely a good way to make memories and keep a small piece of history,” says Albert Cyprys. “Plus, it’s not hard. It’s easy to do and it’s really cool to show off all these trinkets I’ve gotten from places I’ve been to my friends. My stamp collection is like its own scrapbook of places I’ve been.”

Throughout his years of collecting stamps, Albert Cyprys has been able to acquire a few rarities that include classics, Machins, and Perfins. As Albert Cyprys continues to travel throughout his life, he hopes to continue learning about different cultures and collecting souvenirs from the places he’s visited.

Albert Cyprys Encourages Young Adults to Travel

When many young adults think of traveling, they think of spring break or summer vacation. While having a good time during travels is certainly a typical expectation, Albert Cyprys has a unique perspective on traveling and its benefits. As a young adult who has traveled extensively in the United States and abroad, Albert Cyprys understands the benefits that travel have had in shaping his worldview and perspective.

“Traveling exposes you to other ways of living and other cultures that were previously unknown to you,” says Albert Cyprys. “It’s so easy to grow up in a cultural bubble that we forget that our way of life isn’t the only way of life. Traveling pops that bubble – in a good way!”

Within the United States, Albert Cyprys has visited places such as Daytona Beach in Florida, where he visited the car exhibition and museum. He also visited Los Angeles and had the opportunity to sightsee many iconic landmarks in Hollywood. As a photographer, Albert Cyprys particular enjoyed traveling through Virginia and Long Island. “Both states were absolutely beautiful,” says Albert Cyprys. “I definitely got a few stellar shots from those trips.”

Though those travels provided many photography opportunities, Albert Cyprys also enjoyed getting to be physically active as well. During his vacation to Virginia, Albert Cyprys canoed with his father and friends along the Potomac River. Other trips to Hawaii and Poland also produced opportunities for physical activity such as hiking and trail walking.

Young people learn about history, perspective, languages, and culture by traveling, says Albert Cyprys. Plus, young adults are less tied down early in life – there isn’t a full time job or children to worry about. Albert Cyprys encourages young adults to take advantage of those younger years to enjoy the freedom and joys of traveling. Even if it’s something as simple as an in-state vacation, Albert Cyprys says that traveling of any sort provides people the opportunity to experience something new.

5 Reasons Albert Cyprys Loves Photography

For much of his life, family and friends have known Albert Cyprys for carrying a camera wherever he goes. Whether it’s throughout New York City or on travels throughout the United States and abroad, Albert Cyprys enjoys taking pictures with his cameras and sharing the shots with his friends. Whiles some people would find carrying a camera everywhere to be exhausting, Albert Cyprys considers photography to be a central part of his life.


Reasons that Albert Cyprys loves photography and encourages others to do so as well include:


  1. Being able to capture a moment that you can remember forever. Aside from capturing the everyday moments, Albert Cyprys enjoys using photography to capture special moments in life such as vacations or milestones like a graduation.
  2. Noticing the mundane details. Now that he’s developed the “photographer’s eye,” Albert Cyprys says that he’s been able to enjoy life more fully because he notices shapes, colors, people, textures, and other elements that aren’t so apparent. “Photographers view the world differently from everyone else,” says Albert Cyprys.
  3. Realizing the present time more fully. Since a great photographic moment can happen in the blink of an eye, Albert Cyprys understands the importance of truly living in the moment and paying attention to life as it unfolds around him.
  4. Documenting loved ones. As a man who’s always been close to his friends and family, Albert Cyprys enjoys documenting the power of love and emotion. Whether it’s for fun or for a paid project, Albert Cyprys relishes knowing that his loved ones can rely on him to document their important moments in life.
  5. Capturing an adventure. Albert Cyprys has had many adventures in his life. From travelling to Florida to see the NASDA car exhibition to visiting Hollywood, Albert Cyprys has been able to capture the images of his travels for memories and sharing with loved ones.


Albert Cyprys hopes to continue improving his photography skills and acquiring new techniques to share his perspective. Photography is a unique medium for people to share their creativity and worldview, and Albert Cyprys encourages others to take advantage of it.

Albert Cyprys: The New York City Life

There are so many different places to eat delicious food in New York City. New York City is home to many immigrants and people from countries other than The United States of America. People of nearly every nationality are living today in New York City. This means that regardless of the type of food you might be looking for, you’ll be able to find it in New York City. Albert Cyprys enjoys most New York City food, but specifically enjoys pizza and the great Italian food you can find. New York City pizza is famous around the world. The immigrants of Italian descent have somehow crafted some of the finest “pizza pies” in the world.

There is even a whole area of New York City known as “Chinatown.” If you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine, Albert Cyprys recommends not looking past Chinatown. Some of the best Chinese food in the world is found in New York City’s Chinatown.

The food of New York City is fantastic, but there are other things about New York City that might not be so fantastic. For instance, the traffic is extremely heavy at all times.

Being a resident of New York City means that you are very familiar with traffic and transportation. Albert Cyprys doesn’t recommend owning a car in the city, because of the traffic and expense. Public transportation is easily available in New York City, and Albert advises everyone to use it. It is relatively cheap to use New York City’s transportation. Owning a car in New York City can prove to be highly expensive and not worthwhile. Paying for parking alone will turn out to be more expensive than most people think. Albert’s alternatives to owning a car in New York City are: taking public transportation such as the city-wide bus system or the subway, carpooling with friends/coworkers that do own cars, riding a bike, and even just walking.