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When many young adults think of traveling, they think of spring break or summer vacation. While having a good time during travels is certainly a typical expectation, Albert Cyprys has a unique perspective on traveling and its benefits. As a young adult who has traveled extensively in the United States and abroad, Albert Cyprys understands the benefits that travel have had in shaping his worldview and perspective.

“Traveling exposes you to other ways of living and other cultures that were previously unknown to you,” says Albert Cyprys. “It’s so easy to grow up in a cultural bubble that we forget that our way of life isn’t the only way of life. Traveling pops that bubble – in a good way!”

Within the United States, Albert Cyprys has visited places such as Daytona Beach in Florida, where he visited the car exhibition and museum. He also visited Los Angeles and had the opportunity to sightsee many iconic landmarks in Hollywood. As a photographer, Albert Cyprys particular enjoyed traveling through Virginia and Long Island. “Both states were absolutely beautiful,” says Albert Cyprys. “I definitely got a few stellar shots from those trips.”

Though those travels provided many photography opportunities, Albert Cyprys also enjoyed getting to be physically active as well. During his vacation to Virginia, Albert Cyprys canoed with his father and friends along the Potomac River. Other trips to Hawaii and Poland also produced opportunities for physical activity such as hiking and trail walking.

Young people learn about history, perspective, languages, and culture by traveling, says Albert Cyprys. Plus, young adults are less tied down early in life – there isn’t a full time job or children to worry about. Albert Cyprys encourages young adults to take advantage of those younger years to enjoy the freedom and joys of traveling. Even if it’s something as simple as an in-state vacation, Albert Cyprys says that traveling of any sort provides people the opportunity to experience something new.

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