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Collecting coins and stamps is considered to be one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Albert Cyprys has enjoyed collecting coins and stamps for many years, and shares insight as to why it’s such as fulfilling experience. Regardless of age or income, stamp collecting is very appealing and worthwhile, says Albert Cyprys.

“First and foremost, stamps are history. They represent not only iconic people and places, but historic events that have shaped our world,” says Albert Cyprys. “Stamps make learning fun cause you don’t even realize you’re learning.” Indeed, friends and family have noticed Albert Cyprys’ surprising depth of knowledge concerning the presidents of the United States and other historical figures. Albert Cyprys attributes it to his coin and stamps collection that have unobtrusively broadened his historical knowledge.

As an avid traveler who has traveled across the United States and abroad, Albert Cyprys has had many opportunities to collect various coins and stamps that represent unique places in the world. During his travels to Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia, Albert Cyprys was always on the lookout for new items that he could add to his collection. Albert Cyprys was even recently in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, where he was able to keep coins and stamps that embodied the local culture.

“Collecting is definitely a good way to make memories and keep a small piece of history,” says Albert Cyprys. “Plus, it’s not hard. It’s easy to do and it’s really cool to show off all these trinkets I’ve gotten from places I’ve been to my friends. My stamp collection is like its own scrapbook of places I’ve been.”

Throughout his years of collecting stamps, Albert Cyprys has been able to acquire a few rarities that include classics, Machins, and Perfins. As Albert Cyprys continues to travel throughout his life, he hopes to continue learning about different cultures and collecting souvenirs from the places he’s visited.

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