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Albert Cyprys’ Top 4 Favorite Places to Take Pictures in NYC

As an avid photographer, Albert Cyprys enjoys seeing the world through the eyes and lens of a camera. Though he’s traveled throughout the United States and around the world, New York City remains one of Albert Cyprys’ favorite places to take pictures. “The city is so rich in culture and visual character,” says Albert Cyprys. “No matter how many times you walk down the same street, same alley, there’s always something new to see.”


Throughout the years, Albert Cyprys has taken many pictures throughout New York City and has compiled some of his favorite places to document. They include:


  1. Fifth Avenue. For many years, Albert Cyprys has attended New York City’s annual Easter Hats Parade, which proceeds down Fifth Avenue. The entire stretch provides many opportunities for captivating pictures, says Albert Cyprys. Plus, attending the Hats Parade is a fun tradition to participate in.
  2. Grand Central Terminal. Not only is this building historic and iconic, it’s also a visual display of architectural grandeur. “Whether you’re photographing from the streets or within the terminal itself, there’s an incredible flow of life that photographers can document,” says Albert Cyprys.
  3. 5 Pointz. Like any other major metropolitan area, New York City is no stranger to graffiti. However, many areas in NYC such as 5 Pointz are covered with graffiti so good that it’s considered an art. Albert Cyprys enjoys photographing these images and sharing them with his family and friends.
  4. Central Park. As a young adult who loves the outdoors, Central Park is a natural addition to Albert Cyprys’ favorite places to photograph in New York City. Albert Cyprys enjoys the park’s scenic trails and the contrast of the overcast of trees against the city skyline.


Even if photographers can’t travel to New York City to take pictures, Albert Cyprys encourages people to find places around them to document. “There are photographable moments and images everywhere,” says Albert Cyprys. “It’s part of our calling as photographers to find those images and document them.”