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Albert Cyprys Encourages Hard Work in Education

Albert Cyprys is a firm believer that it takes hard work and self-motivation to accomplish goals. This means working hard to receive a full education. Albert Cyprys, like many individuals, believes education is the key to accomplishing success in the work force.

Since few people can just run out and find their dream job, Albert Cyprys encourages a quality college education. It is unbelievable to him how many people still deny the benefits of education. Albert Cyprys never once doubted his skills or abilities to perform well in school. He knew to invest in himself and his future by continuing his education after high school.

Albert Cyprys attended Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. In addition to devoting himself to the successful completion of his academic work, he performed different types of recreational activities. Two of the activities were academically related.  For three years, he was a member of the Accounting Club. In the third year he also joined Beta Alpha Psi.

Without a doubt, hard work brings many rewards. Albert Cyprys believes success in life comes from hard work but also perseverance and self-motivation. Only a self-motivated individual will take time out of their schedule to study as they need to. However, Albert Cyprys believes in the importance of team work.

When it comes to school work or professional careers, people can work individually or as a team. Team work in school can be accomplished through club memberships or study groups. Self-motivation falls hand-in-hand with self-discipline. People need to recognized the difference between their wants and needs. Albert Cyprys recognizes this is something not everyone practices but is something everyone needs to recognize about themselves. If people learn to organize their lives at a young age, they will grow with the motivation, discipline, and determination necessary to achieve academic and career success.