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Medical doctors will concur with Albert Cyprys that physical activity and recreation promotes a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity can be accomplished any number of ways. Some activities may be light in nature and others may be extremely physically taxing. Albert Cyprys achieves physical activity by participating in sports.

Albert Cyprys always feels better after playing his favorite sports. The positive feeling is why he believes sports are good for a persons’ soul. There is actually a physical reason for that feeling and it deals with the release of the chemical endorphin in the brain. It is why many people find a workout routine enjoyable and stress relieving.

Albert Cyprys maintains an active lifestyle in several ways. First and foremost, he skateboards nearly everywhere he goes. Skateboarding serves him in two ways; he gets outside to enjoy activity and fresh air, but he also avoids the heavy traffic associated with New York City. He regularly skateboards throughout the five boroughs in New York City.

Tennis was another method Albert Cyprys used to stay active in school. He was a member of his school’s tennis club where he played for its social and physical benefits. Believing in the benefits of maintaining his physical prowess, he practiced tennis regularly in school.

Another school sport played by Albert Cyprys was intramural soccer. Through the school team, he became an intramural soccer champion. Soccer is a brilliant sport because it is a cardio work out providing competition and entertainment. Millions of people are attracted to the sport. While many Americans love the sport, millions more love the sport around the world. It is a great sport because of its simplicity. With just one ball, children and adults are able to enjoy a healthy activity. The health benefits gained by maintaining an active lifestyle encourage Albert Cyprys to stay active as an adult.

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