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Hiking and Camping Are Relaxing for Sean McVay

As technology continues to advance and improve, humans have more entertainment options than ever before. Now people can explore the entire world and the majority of human knowledge with a computer and an internet connection. They barely have to move to be entertained for hours. It’s rather amazing if one thinks about it, but it also has its drawbacks.

Sean McVay grew up during a time when technology was more practical and less about entertainment. He never had the desire to sit around and watch or read on a screen for longer than he needed to. Sean McVay’s favorite hobbies always involved spending time outside with others or even by himself.

Sean McVay enjoys most when he can spend a long weekend out in the woods hiking and camping. There’s something great about relying on yourself to rough it out for a few days in nature. Sure it’s nothing like how people used to live, but it gives a person a glimpse of what life was like for thousands of years. Humans are meant to spend lots of time in nature, not to spend their time indoors.

Another reason that Sean McVay loves to hike is the aspect of discovery and exploration that is involved in hiking. Some people lament that everything has been discovered and there’s no point to exploring. But if it’s a person’s first time visiting an area or hiking a certain trail it is discovery and exploration for that person. That’s all that matters for Sean McVay; if he’s discovering he’s happy.

Plus, when you’re camping, nothing beats spending the night by the fire, cooking camping food like hot dogs and hamburgers over that very same fire. Sean McVay feels that it’s very relaxing and almost has a calming affect on one’s soul. That’s the pleasure of spending time outdoors!