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Albert Cyprys is a Member of Fairfield University Accounting Club

Having spent a few years as an undergraduate at Fairfield University in Connecticut involved in their accounting club and society, Albert Cyprys has still found he is reaping the benefits today of the connections he has been making at Fairfield University. There are many advantages to being involved in academic clubs and extracurricular activities at one’s university, and Albert Cyprys can’t stress their importance enough. The friendships and professional connections at Fairfield University are still a part of his life today; a testament to the power of social and professional networking during college.

Albert Cyprys found that joining an academic club was a great way to meet like-minded individuals and encourages all new college students to join a club. Getting involved in his new community was instrumental in Albert Cyprys having a successful college life. Clubs, like the accounting club, often have mixers so new students can meet. Many of Albert Cyprys’ closest friends are still people that he met through the accounting club at Fairfield University.

According to Albert Cyprys, getting involved in the accounting club was one of the best decisions that he has ever made. In addition to creating lasting friendship and business contacts, being part of a community in college is one great way to keep students from dropping out. Beginning college can be stressful, so Albert Cyprys knows that finding a community of like-minded individuals will make new students feel more comfortable. Students who are part of a community will do better in college and are more likely to finish their education. This ties in with how valuable Albert Cyprys sees education, and is another reason why he encourages new students to get involved in clubs. The insight and connections that he gained from the accounting club have lasted long after he began his undergraduate career. Through his membership with the accounting club Albert Cyprys gained valuable insight into the financial world both professionally and personally.

Albert Cyprys Believes in Education

Albert Cyprys believes in the value of having a quality education. When it came time for him to choose a college, there was no doubt in Albert Cyprys’ mind that Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut was the right choice for him. The accounting and financial program was exactly what Albert Cyprys was looking for. While attending academically challenging courses in the field of accounting, Albert Cyprys was also an active member of two extracurricular academic activities.


Beta Alpha Psi is an international honors business organization for accounting students so it was a great fit for the aspiring accounting professional. Albert Cyprys was a three-year member of the Beta Alpha Psi Chapter of Fairfield University. At Beta Alpha Psi, Albert Cyprys made many connections that would benefit him long into his professional career. The international chapter of Beta Alpha Psi has also been a tremendous resource for Albert Cyprys in networking with other accounting professionals.


Albert Cyprys is also a member of the accounting club for three years and continues to stay in touch with many of the members. Through his membership with the accounting club Albert Cyprys gained valuable insight into the financial world, both professionally and personally. Through these two organizations Albert Cyprys has been able to make many connections in the accounting field.


Albert Cyprys encourages others to pursue their education goals, as he has done. He knows that without the education that he received at Fairfield University he would not be recognized in the field of accounting. Getting involved in extracurricular activities that are related to your field of study is also something that Albert Cyprys recommends. The connections that he has made through both the accounting club and Beta Alpha Psi have been so valuable in him becoming a recognized professional in the accounting field. Albert Cyprys knows that without a quality education he would not be as successful in the accounting field.

Keeping Fit with Albert Cyprys

Albert Cyprys likes to stay fit and healthy by playing different sports such as soccer, tennis, and skateboarding. He’s found that keeping his body active and healthy has similar parallel results to keeping the mind sharp, and that both are essential for a long, healthy life. Albert Cyprys has some tips for those who want to keep themselves fit.

Albert Cyprys recommends that you find a sport or activity that you love. During his college years, Albert Cyprys was an active member of the tennis club and also played on the soccer team. In playing team sports, Albert Cyprys not only kept himself fit but also learned the value of teamwork. Tennis is a highly competitive sport and Albert Cyprys excels at the game. During his time at Fairfield University in Connecticut, Albert Cyprys led his soccer team to victory in the intramural soccer championships. Finding a sport that you love, like Albert Cyprys does with tennis and soccer are important steps in keeping yourself motivated and getting fit. Team sports also have the added bonus of socialization and finding people who have similar interests.

Albert Cyprys also recommends that you think outside traditional sports. When he is not on the soccer field or the tennis court you may find Albert Cyprys skateboarding through New York City. Albert Cyprys enjoys a change of pace and likes skateboarding around the five boroughs of New York, as he feels that taking many different routes allows him to get to know his city better.

Albert Cyprys knows that the key to staying healthy is finding an exercise that you enjoy and sticking with it. This is what Albert Cyprys has found in tennis, soccer and skateboarding. Team sports like tennis and soccer give Albert Cyprys the camaraderie that he enjoys while skateboarding gives him the freedom to travel the city. Staying fit and healthy is an important priority in Albert Cyprys’ life.

Albert Cyprys: Soccer Champion

While competing in the intramural soccer championships at Fairfield University in Connecticut, Albert Cyprys led his team to victory. Always a soccer fan, Albert Cyprys has been in a leadership position on most teams that he has been a part of. A soccer player since he was a young boy, Albert Cyprys solidified people’s already high views of him by scoring the winning goal in the final seconds of his team’s deciding game. Albert Cyprys knows that the key to victory in soccer or any sport is cooperation and leadership. Leading a team and planning out game-winning strategies are things that are Albert Cyprys’ strengths.

Albert Cyprys believes that hard work and determination are what is required to compete and win at such a high level in sports. With credit to his teammates, Albert Cyprys proves that he is a team player and a motivating force behind the soccer team at Fairfield University. Albert Cyprys has always been the first one to the practice field and the last one to leave. Putting in the hours of practice is what has set Albert Cyprys apart from other soccer players. Albert Cyprys knows that natural ability will only take you so far in life. You need to put in the hours of practice if you are going to excel at something like Albert Cyprys does at soccer. Albert Cyprys is a household name in the soccer community because of his decisive victory in the intramural soccer championships.

Being a team player while also being the driving force behind the team is where Albert Cyprys excels. Albert Cyprys was instrumental in the team’s victory, and has proven himself to be a leader both on and off the soccer field. Albert Cyprys has taken the skills that he has learned on the soccer field and has translated them into a successful career in the accounting industry. Truly, hard work and determination are working for Albert Cyprys.

Albert Cyprys is a Master Saxophone Player

Albert Cyprys is an exceptional saxophone player who lives in New York City. Though he has studied many different instruments, Albert Cyprys has always been drawn to the sound of the saxophone. During his younger years Albert Cyprys tried out every instrument from piano to tuba but always found his way back to the saxophone. The smooth, relaxing sound has always been a draw for Albert Cyprys. Albert Cyprys continued to play the saxophone while attending Fairfield University in Connecticut and his skills have just continued to grow.

With the creation of new music sharing websites for artists and audio communities, Albert Cyprys can listen to his favorite saxophone music with ease while getting it directly from the artist themselves. Albert Cyprys has quickly become an enthusiast in the saxophone world. Albert Cyprys’ unique style and sound are unmistakable. All you need saxophonic music once and you will be a fan for life. Even people who have never liked the sound of a saxophone are singing Albert Cyprys’ praises. Albert Cyprys is truly an enthusiast of listening to unique and beautiful music.

Albert Cyprys’ love of the saxophone and his tireless practicing have made him one of the most enthusiastic in the saxophone world. His hard work and dedication to his craft is what makes Albert Cyprys an expert on the range of music that a saxophone can create. Albert Cyprys’ unique sound is what helps him connect with other saxophone players in New York and around the world.

Albert Cyprys’ favorite musicians can be found online and around his hometown of New York City. Albert Cyprys’ love of music is a passion that he loves sharing with the world. Because of his natural ability and passion for performing, Albert Cyprys is one of New York’s most enthusiastic music lovers.