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Albert Cyprys likes to stay fit and healthy by playing different sports such as soccer, tennis, and skateboarding. He’s found that keeping his body active and healthy has similar parallel results to keeping the mind sharp, and that both are essential for a long, healthy life. Albert Cyprys has some tips for those who want to keep themselves fit.

Albert Cyprys recommends that you find a sport or activity that you love. During his college years, Albert Cyprys was an active member of the tennis club and also played on the soccer team. In playing team sports, Albert Cyprys not only kept himself fit but also learned the value of teamwork. Tennis is a highly competitive sport and Albert Cyprys excels at the game. During his time at Fairfield University in Connecticut, Albert Cyprys led his soccer team to victory in the intramural soccer championships. Finding a sport that you love, like Albert Cyprys does with tennis and soccer are important steps in keeping yourself motivated and getting fit. Team sports also have the added bonus of socialization and finding people who have similar interests.

Albert Cyprys also recommends that you think outside traditional sports. When he is not on the soccer field or the tennis court you may find Albert Cyprys skateboarding through New York City. Albert Cyprys enjoys a change of pace and likes skateboarding around the five boroughs of New York, as he feels that taking many different routes allows him to get to know his city better.

Albert Cyprys knows that the key to staying healthy is finding an exercise that you enjoy and sticking with it. This is what Albert Cyprys has found in tennis, soccer and skateboarding. Team sports like tennis and soccer give Albert Cyprys the camaraderie that he enjoys while skateboarding gives him the freedom to travel the city. Staying fit and healthy is an important priority in Albert Cyprys’ life.

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