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Albert Cyprys is a Member of Fairfield University Accounting Club

Having spent a few years as an undergraduate at Fairfield University in Connecticut involved in their accounting club and society, Albert Cyprys has still found he is reaping the benefits today of the connections he has been making at Fairfield University. There are many advantages to being involved in academic clubs and extracurricular activities at one’s university, and Albert Cyprys can’t stress their importance enough. The friendships and professional connections at Fairfield University are still a part of his life today; a testament to the power of social and professional networking during college.

Albert Cyprys found that joining an academic club was a great way to meet like-minded individuals and encourages all new college students to join a club. Getting involved in his new community was instrumental in Albert Cyprys having a successful college life. Clubs, like the accounting club, often have mixers so new students can meet. Many of Albert Cyprys’ closest friends are still people that he met through the accounting club at Fairfield University.

According to Albert Cyprys, getting involved in the accounting club was one of the best decisions that he has ever made. In addition to creating lasting friendship and business contacts, being part of a community in college is one great way to keep students from dropping out. Beginning college can be stressful, so Albert Cyprys knows that finding a community of like-minded individuals will make new students feel more comfortable. Students who are part of a community will do better in college and are more likely to finish their education. This ties in with how valuable Albert Cyprys sees education, and is another reason why he encourages new students to get involved in clubs. The insight and connections that he gained from the accounting club have lasted long after he began his undergraduate career. Through his membership with the accounting club Albert Cyprys gained valuable insight into the financial world both professionally and personally.