Accountant Professional

When he is not out on his skateboard or at work, Albert Cyprys is most often found somewhere musical. Music is a highly important part of Albert Cyprys’ life, and he spends as much time as possible either making or listening to music. He has been playing instruments since he was a small child. Albert Cyprys firmly believes that his music education helped to grow him into the person he is today. Because of music, he has an appreciation for beauty, a commitment to hard work and practice, and a thorough understanding of the powers of music to bring people together.


Although it is not uncommon to find Albert Cyprys at a record store perusing the selection, it is more likely you will find him playing out on the street or in a friend’s house. Albert Cyprys loves to jam with his friends. He loves the connection he feels when making music with another person, or people. Through music, he and his friends are able to share stories and grow closer as they learn to read each other and create harmony.


That being said, some of Albert Cyprys’ favorite music memories involve perfect strangers. There have been several occasions when he was playing in a public space just for fun, and a stranger will approach him. Sometimes, they just want to talk. However, on other occasions, they have asked Albert Cyprys if they could play with him. To Albert Cyprys, this is what music is all about – finding others, and finding the points of connection between you.

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