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A New Yorker’s Guide to Getting Broadway Tickets From Albert Cyprys

Coming to New York City can be overwhelming, acknowledges Albert Cyprys. The city can especially be overwhelming if you want to see a Broadway show and have no idea where to start. There are a number of systems in place that can complicate the matter for those who have never seen a show, so Albert Cyprys is here to offer advice as far as how to get tickets without any more hassle than necessary.

  • If you know exactly which show you want to see, then it will be easy to find out where it is being performed, which is exactly what you need to know if you plan to buy tickets directly from the box office, says Albert Cyprys. This is actually an excellent idea if you do not want to pay extra fees or surcharges, adds Albert Cyprys.
  • On the other hand, you may just be here for a few days, notes Albert Cyprys. While he has never used this service, Albert Cyprys knows several people who have acquired tickets through hotel concierge services. This is a way to get premium seats at the last minute, so Albert Cyprys notes that it is extremely important to remember that these tickets can be very pricey.
  • Of course, there are always the TKTS booths in Brooklyn and Times Square, which is definitely the best way to get discounted tickets. These booths sell all kinds of Broadway tickets on the day of the performance for up to 50%, says Albert Cyprys, but watch out for the lines – get there early.

Albert Cyprys: Best Manhattan Attractions

Native New Yorker Albert Cyprys believes that everyone deserves to see and hear the sights and sounds of his home city. It is for this reason that Albert Cyprys loves sharing some of his favorite attractions in the Big Apple.

First and foremost is the American Museum of Natural History, which is a definite favorite for Albert Cyprys. There are so many exhibits to enjoy in this museum, and Albert Cyprys has a hard time deciding between his own favorites: either the huge reconstructed dinosaur skeletons and fossils, or the famous 94-foot-long model of a blue whale.

A musician at heart, Albert Cyprys enjoys the Radio City Music Hall enormously. This is of course one of the most famous performance venues in the entirety of New York City, and for good reason. According to Albert Cyprys, the design of the Radio City Music Hall creates an incredible space for attending live music, where the stage and proscenium arches are designed to take on the appearance of the setting sun.

Of course, what’s New York City without the most famous haunts? Albert Cyprys may be a native New Yorker, but of course he would never knock places like Union Square, which is a central location named for the fact that two of the most famous and busiest streets in the city meet. Albert Cyprys believes Union Square is interesting on a day even where nothing is happening, but this famous square is also host to rallies, assemblies, events, protests, and, of course, the famous New York City Greenmarket.

Albert Cyprys Loves the Diversity of New York

One of Albert Cyprys’ favorite things about New York is the diversity he encounters nearly every day. As he skateboards to work in the mornings, he never knows who he will meet. Sometimes, it can be as brief as passing an interesting character on the street. Often, however, Albert Cyprys has the opportunity for a deeper interaction.


Albert Cyprys believes firmly in helping those around him, so he has spent a lot of time with New York’s homeless population. He has been deeply touched by the stories he hears of their lives, and the rich diversity of histories, experiences, and personalities he encounters. Albert Cyprys considers it important to keep the voice of the homeless alive and strong. He does his best to remind them that they have support and are not invisible.


Albert Cyprys also meets a huge variety of people through playing different sports and through playing music. Albert Cyprys plays soccer and tennis regularly, on top of the time he spends at skate parks with his board. He especially likes pick-up games of soccer because you never know who you’re going to meet. Albert Cyprys has met everyone from kids who have never touched a soccer ball before to businessmen who took off their suit jackets and schooled everyone else playing.


Something similar happens with music. Albert Cyprys learned that people have a tendency to open up about their lives and their stories when playing music. He considers himself lucky to have had the opportunity to meet so many people and learn about their lives.