Accountant Professional

One of the most valuable traits a person can have is that of charity. In many parts of the world, charity is an integral part of culture and religion. In the US, there are countless charities and organizations built around helping others live a better life. Albert Cyprys has always been a supporter of these organizations.

Not only does Albert Cyprys support the concept of helpful, not-for-profit organizations, he also donates his time and finances to helping these organizations succeed. As a student, Albert Cyprys is aware of the opportunities his education has provided (and continues to provide) throughout his life. He also knows that not everyone has the same access to education that he did when they were growing up.

With that in mind, Albert Cyprys makes it a point to spend some of his time every week helping at senior centers and at soup kitchens. These organizations do a great deal of good for people in New York City, Albert Cyprys’ home city. He knows how important volunteers are to these organizations as well. Many of them do not have the funds to fully staff their operations, so they rely on volunteers like Albert Cyprys to fill in where they cannot pay someone.

When he’s not volunteering at local organizations, Albert Cyprys spends a lot of his time working and studying for his classes. Currently, Albert Cyprys is a student at Fairfield University where he studies accounting and other subjects. After he finishes school, he hopes to be able to continue volunteering and helping organizations in his community.

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