Accountant Professional

Growing up, Albert Cyprys knew that he would always focus on his education. He had a family that rewarded efforts in learning and that always motivated him to learn more. His love for education helped get him to where he is today, as an undergraduate student at Fairfield University. Albert Cyprys is studying accounting at this school and hopes to have a long career in the field after he graduates in a few months.

However, Albert Cyprys’ life isn’t just about academics. He understands the importance of getting outside and being active. Albert Cyprys grew up playing sports as much as studying. He’s very grateful to have been raised active and healthy thanks to all of the exercise he gets from sports.

When he wasn’t studying as he grew up, Albert Cyprys enjoyed playing a variety of sports. At school, he still plays tennis, one of his favorite sports. He grew up playing tennis and belongs to the tennis club at his university. Additionally, Albert Cyprys enjoys skateboarding throughout New York City. Skateboarding gives him the opportunity to see the entire city, get exercise, have fun, and see lots of his friends. However, he never lets sports get in the way of his academics.

Additionally, being active during his studies has helped Albert Cyprys manage the stress of finishing an undergraduate degree. Exercise helps him stay focused and in a positive mood throughout the semester. This enables him to do his work better and get more done in less time.

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