Accountant Professional

Albert Cyprys is dedicated to helping others in the New York area. He has a passion for improving people’s lives and for providing valuable services to those in need.

A student at Fairfield University, Albert Cyprys is nearing graduation, and spends a great deal of time consumed in his studies. Though academics is an honorable pursuit, Albert Cyprys believes that many people don’t have the same opportunities that he’s had, and makes it a priority to commit himself to community service.

Balancing school with music and charitable work is no easy task, though Albert Cyprys has developed a way to stay committed to each without sacrificing any of his dedication. Albert knows that community service is one of the best known ways to improve your community, and to reach out to his fellow man. Albert Cyprys has managed to make the most of his opportunities to achieve a successful academic career, stay deeply involved in the music scene and provide help to the needy.

Albert Cyprys can often be found with a ladle in his hand at the local soup kitchen, helping to feed the homeless and the hungry whenever he has spare time. He takes pride in providing people food and establishing contact with those that don’t often receive friendly contact. Many things can happen to a human being over the course of their life, and Albert Cyprys feels it’s one of his primary duties as a human to reach out and help his fellow man.

Albert Cyprys currently attends Fairfield University in Connecticut in the hopes that he will soon receive his accounting degree. He continues to maintain a good Grade Point Average while keeping his nose to the proverbial grindstone. It isn’t easy to remain dedicated to lofty academic goals, though Albert Cyprys believes persistence is key to career success.

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