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Albert Cyprys: Best New York Attractions

Everyone knows there is an abundance of things to see and do in New York City. Albert Cyprys loves to share his favorite Big Apple attractions with people so that he can help them have the best time possible.

Albert Cyprys calls New York home, and has much to say and the best things to see and do. The amount of sights and activities available in New York City can be overwhelming to a first-time visitor, and it’s better to have a plan and designate must-sees before becoming absorbed in the city’s unrelenting energy.

One of Albert Cyprys’s favorite attractions is the American Museum of Natural History. This museum is one of the most prominent and well-known history museums in the world, and holds many popular exhibits. Albert Cyprys enjoys the many reconstructed dinosaur skeletons, but likes the 94-foot-replica of the Blue Whale the most.

Albert Cyprys enjoys both Union and Times Square, if not for their prominence then for the rich history surrounding them. Each area has a broad and rich history of famous public activity, including protests, speeches, riots and events that have transformed them into notable landmarks.

As an avid music fan Albert Cyprys is drawn to Radio City Music Hall the most. Some of the most famous musical performances over the last 50-60 years have occurred at Radio City Music Hall, making it a sort of hallowed ground for music fanatics like Albert Cyprys. He never hesitates to visit Radio City when he visits that particular part of Manhattan.

There is, of course, the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, which Albert Cyprys believes are must-sees for any New York City visitor. The majesty and history of each building is a powerful draw for anyone who wants to experience the best of the city. Albert Cyprys had visited both many, many times.

Albert Cyprys Passionate About New York Lifestyle

New York City is a thriving metropolis that is constantly on the move. Though often a challenging place to work and live, Albert Cyprys wouldn’t have it any other way.

Albert Cyprys enjoys the challenges that New York presents on a daily basis. The densely-populated city is home to one of the most culturally-diverse places on the planet. Albert loves the experience of constantly meeting new people and developing relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds. He still occasionally experiences culture shock in certain areas of the city.

New York City is home to some of the most amazing sights in the United States. The sights still astound Albert Cyprys, who never tires of visiting the Empire State Building, going to the Statue of Liberty or walking through the ever-bustling Times Square. Albert Cyprys looks forward to experiencing the many things has yet to see. New York is very large and provides many opportunities for adventure. Living in New York, says Albert Cyprys, is an adventure unto itself.

Albert Cyprys attends Fairfield University, which is located in Connecticut. He also lives and works in the city, maintaining a busy, though rewarding, lifestyle. New York City has much to offer travelers and residents alike, and can keep even the most astute of observers on his/her toes. The energy of the city, says Albert Cyprys, is infectious, and has become a major source of inspiration as he continues to pursue academic and career success.

Albert Cyprys is working towards his Accounting degree at Fairfield University. He hopes to soon become a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, and establish a long-term career in professional accounting. He also spends a fair amount of time volunteering at local soup kitchens and senior centers. Albert Cyprys is passionate about music and believes in its power to bring people together.

Albert Cyprys and the Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

Skateboarding and competitive sports are very important to Albert Cyprys. As an avid skateboarder and competitor living in New York City, Albert Cyprys stays very physically active and keeps his body in excellent shape.

Albert Cyprys believes that creating physical challenges and setting goals for yourself are great ways to stay in shape. He sets new physical goals for himself every week. Skateboarding to and from work and school are just two of the goals that Albert Cyprys is able to consistently maintain. He also plays a lot of tennis and stays involved in a youth soccer league that he himself created.

Physical agility and stamina are important to Albert Cyprys because they help him to stay focused, allow him to keep fit and give him a great edge in competition. Though skateboarding can be difficult and sometimes dangerous through the streets of New York City, it can also provide an excellent cardio-vascular workout that increases stamina, improves agility and heightens awareness. Skateboarding is a challenge in New York, but it is also a welcome challenge and exercise routine for Albert Cyprys.

Albert Cyprys always wears a helmet when skateboarding. He values his safety and never takes chances with his life. Albert Cyprus understands the complexities of New York City traffic and commotion and uses that knowledge to avoid them. He uses his skateboard every day. Albert Cyprys also always wears approved safety gear to avoid the potential for injury.

Albert enjoys a good, competitive tennis match, and takes time to compete whenever he can. Albert began an interest in tennis at an early age and has developed considerable skill. He also enjoys the physical challenges of running and coaching in a youth soccer league. Being involved with kids helps keep Albert Cyprys on his toes and helps to keep him in great shape.