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There are many ways for an individual to have a positive impact on the local community. Albert Cyprys, a dedicated volunteer, prefers to help out at the local soup kitchen, providing hot meals to those who often can’t afford to provide for themselves or their families. Though Albert Cyprys understands the value of helping those in need, he also knows that it can often be difficult for someone to determine the best way for them to give back.

Albert Cyprys offers some advice to people seeking to make a difference. He wants everyone to share in the opportunity to help improve a struggling person’s life.

People often need a cause or an organization they can truly throw their support behind. Albert Cyprys suggests doing research on the many local nonprofit organizations that work to benefit the local community. Seek out a cause that you have experience with; something that has either directly affected you or that you feel deserves more attention and support. Use the internet, says Albert Cyprys, to find an organization that not only helps struggling populations, but that is also capable of committing the majority of its finances to direct community support. Too often, he says, will an organization commit donations to administrative costs, which only dilutes the output and support they provide the community.

Once you’ve established a cause or group you feel you can truly support, make a point to set aside time to show your support. Albert Cyprys knows that many people often get hung up in scheduling conflicts, and fail to prioritize correctly. Make charity a priority, says Albert Cyprys. By scheduling volunteer work the same way you would a work or dentist appointment, you increase the importance of that work in your schedule, making it far more likely that you will be able to carry the work through.

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