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Albert Cyprys loves to jump on his skateboard and race around New York, but he understands the importance of skateboard safety. And while there is a certain amount of risk, Albert Cyprys also knows that skateboarding is just as safe, or safer, than many traditional physical activities.

The experiences Albert Cyprys has had skateboarding through pedestrian and automobile traffic has helped him develop a strong understanding of the need to be safe at all times. He has also come to realize the importance of safety equipment; gear that will help to keep your body safe from harm.

Studies show that about a third of all skateboarding injuries occur in a beginning skater’s first weeks of skating. Albert Cyprys believes that skateboarding education and fundamentals are the key to creating the safest skateboarding experience possible.

Of course, even experienced skateboarders can crash, but when they do it is usually due to irregular riding surfaces – that is, to a bump in the road. Albert Cyprys recommends a helmet as the single most important piece of safety gear for skateboarders to use. There are also knee and elbow pads that can prevent serious injury in the event of a fall.

Practice is probably the most basic of skateboarding rules. Before attempting to navigate the hustle and bustle of a heavily populated city on a skateboard, says Albert Cyprys, it’s important to know basic skateboarding techniques, such as the best ways to fall and avoid injury. He suggests practicing in a secluded or sparsely populated area, a place where the potential for heavy traffic is minimal or nonexistent.

Take as much time as necessary to be prepared for potential skateboarding hazards, particularly the numerous dangers involved in big city life. The better prepared you are, says Albert Cyprys, the more enjoyment you’ll get from skateboarding. Albert Cyprys says anyone who rides a skateboard should exercise caution and practice safe riding techniques.

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