Accountant Professional

Albert Cyprys knows how lucky he is to be enrolled as a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut. He knows that many people don’t have to opportunity to go to college, due to a lack of money, sub-standard grades in high school, or for many other reasons.

Albert Cyprys has a strong and unrelenting commitment to higher education. The pursuit of higher education is a noble one, he believes, and provides many wonderful opportunities. Albert Cyprys plans to take advantage of every opportunity college affords him so that he may one day establish a successful career.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated,” said the Irish writer Oscar Wilde, and while Albert Cyprys gets the joke, he knows how true the part about education is. He appreciates the diversity of classes and interests that Fairfield makes available to its students. Albert Cyprys is majoring in accounting, which requires a good understanding of math, finance and the U.S. tax code. Albert Cyprys is now pursuing an expertise in all three subjects so he can thrive as a professional accountant.

Studying has been a way of life for Albert Cyprys ever since he arrived at Fairfield. He is constantly at the library hitting the books. And while he has extracurricular interests like community involvement and music, he knows that it is the quality of his education that will end up opening doors for him in the future, and determining what the quality of his life will be. For now, his primary goal is to graduate from college and leave a legacy of academic excellence.

Albert Cyprys continues to excel at Fairfield University and has been noted for his commitment to the accounting program. His vision for the future involves making the most of his present. He is mindful of the words spoken by the late Nelson Mandela, who said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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