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Albert Cyprys: Committed To Education

Albert Cyprys is an accounting major at Fairfield University, and knows how lucky he is to be enrolled as a student there. Fairfield University is a Jesuit Catholic University in Fairfield, Connecticut, and is known for graduating adept and accomplished students since it was founded in 1942.

Albert Cyprys is looking forward to becoming one of those graduates. He says he is anxious to complete his education and join the workforce so that he can begin to realize some of his goals in life.

As Albert Cyprys knows, accounting is a rigorous profession, but as a detail-oriented person he knows that he is well suited to the discipline. One of the things that draw Albert Cyprys to accounting is that it has many opportunities for advancement, depending on the type of company that he will end up working for.

Albert Cyprys has always had a strong commitment to higher education. The pursuit of higher education is a noble one, he believes, and provides many wonderful opportunities. Albert Cyprys plans to take advantage of every opportunity college affords him so that he may one day establish a successful career.

Ever since he arrived at Fairfield University, Albert Cyprys has committed himself to his studies. He appreciates the diversity of classes and interests that Fairfield makes available to its students. Albert Cyprys is majoring in accounting, which requires a good understanding of math, finance and the U.S. tax code. Albert Cyprys is now pursuing an expertise in all three subjects so he can thrive as a professional accountant.