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Albert Cyprys: Self-Motivated Young Man

Albert Cyprys is an Accounting major at Fairfield University in Connecticut. He is known as a hardworking team player, a highly self-motivated young man who commits himself to every project he gets involved in.

As a self-motivated person, Albert Cyprys has always excelled in his studies. Like most self-motivated people, he understands his purpose in life and he lives it. Albert Cyprys is not afraid to take chances; he lives outside of his comfort zone and has usually benefitted from doing so. He tries to do something every day that is a little bit risky.

Albert Cyprys is not afraid to get involved with every facet of life, which is one of the reasons that he is committed to community service. He is able to laugh at himself, admit his vulnerabilities, and take criticism in the spirit in which it is offered. Albert Cyprys likes to learn something new every day, although by design and not by accident. He is a confident young man who believes in himself and others. Like most other self-motivated people, Albert Cyprys is persistent. He always explores his options, never gives up, and never says “die.”

Albert Cyprys strives for health in all aspects of his life: physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and socially. He always tries to rise above problems, and treat adversity, loss, and momentary failure as an opportunity to grow and become a better person.

Above all, Albert Cyprys has faith in himself, and believes that any task can be achieved if he puts his mind to it and commits himself to it.

Albert Cyprys: Playing the Saxophone

Albert Cyprys is a student at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. He is majoring in accounting, and says he is looking forward to graduating so he can join the workforce and begin to achieve some of his lifelong goals.

Albert Cyprys is a music enthusiast. He loves keeping up with the latest musical trends, and he also enjoys playing the saxophone. In buying a saxophone, Albert Cyprys learned there are many things to consider, no the least of which is what type of sax to buy. The instrument comes in several different styles, which go to how the instrument is pitched. The most common types are the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones.

There is some other equipment that should go with a saxophone. Albert Cyprys recommends having a firm case to carry the instrument in, and cautions against a soft “gig bag,” which does not afford as much protection to the instrument as a hard shell case. He says you should have a good, solid music stand, a neck strap, and a swab of some kind to clean the inside of the instrument once you are finished playing it.

The saxophone, as Albert Cyprys has learned, is not an easy instrument to master. One of the hardest things for new players is developing what is called an embouchure, which refers to the way the player applies his or her mouth to the instrument’s mouthpiece.

Albert Cyprys says there are past saxophone masters to listen to get an idea of the full possibilities of the instrument. These include past masters like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Roscoe Mitchell, and modern masters like James Carter.

Albert Cyprys: The World’s Most Popular Sport

Albert Cyprys enjoys many sports, including tennis and skateboarding. He is a New Yorker who is fond of skateboarding through the city’s five boroughs.

But his favorite sport is probably soccer. “It’s a worldwide sport that can be played anywhere with only a ball,” he says. Albert Cyprys played intramural soccer at Fairfield University, where he is a student majoring in accounting, and his team was good enough to have won an intramural championship.

Soccer, as Albert Cyprys knows, is known as football in most part of the world, and it is widely considered to be the world’s most popular sport. People in more than two hundred companies regularly take part in the game, and it has a far-reaching impact in many cultures. With enthusiasts like Albert Cyprys, the game continues to grow at a steady pace.

During a soccer game, there are two teams, two nets, and one ball. There are eleven players per team on the soccer field, Albert Cyprys says, including the goalie. The objective is for one team to put the ball in the net of the other team. One goal equals one point.

Albert Cyprys says that while it may sound easy, it’s a little more complicated than that. There are all kinds of strategies used by the two teams during the course of a game. But stripped down to its basics, that is all that is really comes down to: two teams, each defending their net, and trying to put the ball in the net of the opponent.

Albert Cyprys: Skateboarding Safety

Albert Cyprys is an accounting major at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. He makes his home in New York, and says that he loves to go around the city’s five boroughs on his skateboard.

Albert Cyprys says skateboarding is an easy way to get around a city where automobile traffic can be incredibly congested. But he understands how importance it is to obey the rules of the road, and take other precautions to ensure his safety on the skateboard. He knows that there is a certain amount of risk involved, but Albert Cyprys also knows that skateboarding is just as safe, or safer, as many other forms of transportation.

The experiences Albert Cyprys has had skateboarding through pedestrian and automobile traffic have helped him develop a strong understanding of the need to always use safety equipment; gear that keeps his body safe from harm.

Experience is always the best teacher, and studies show that about a third of all skateboarding injuries occur in a beginning skater’s first weeks on the board. Albert Cyprys believes that skateboarding education and fundamentals are the key to creating the safest skateboarding experience possible.

Of course, even experienced skateboarders can crash, but when they do it is usually due to irregular riding surfaces, like an unexpected bump in the road. Albert Cyprys recommends always wearing a helmet, and calls it the single most important piece of safety gear. There are also knee and elbow pads that can prevent serious injury in the event of a fall.

But before attempting to navigate the hustle and bustle of a heavily populated city on a skateboard, says Albert Cyprys, it’s important to know basic skateboarding techniques, such as the best ways to fall and avoid injury. He suggests practicing in a secluded or sparsely populated area, a place where the potential for heavy traffic is light.

Albert Cyprys: Soup Kitchen Volunteer

Albert Cyprys has long been active in community service. He has volunteered his time to New York City soup kitchens and senior centers.

Albert Cyprys performed several different functions as a soup kitchen volunteer. On the morning shift, his duties included helping to prepare meals, setting up the room for service, and serving a breakfast of pastries, coffee and fruit to the facilities early arriving guests. For its afternoon shift, his duties included greeting guests, serving food, cleaning off tables, dishwashing, and general cleaning up. Whenever he arrived for a volunteer shift, Albert Cyprys was assigned to work alongside one of the soup kitchen’s many experienced volunteers, who provided him with directions and answered all of his questions.

In some ways, the experience was an eye-opener for Albert Cyprys. New York City has a poverty rate that is in the area of twenty percent. Many of the New York residents who live in poverty work one or two jobs, in some cases full-time jobs. A full time position may not always be enough for them to continue to support their families. The realization that poverty can affect anyone made a deep impression on Albert Cyprys.

Albert Cyprys lives in New York, and is a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut. He is majoring in Accounting, and is a member of the Accounting Club, and the Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honor Society. In his free time, Albert Cyprys enjoys playing soccer. When he is in New York, he says that he likes to get around town on his skateboard.