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Albert Cyprys enjoys many sports, including tennis and skateboarding. He is a New Yorker who is fond of skateboarding through the city’s five boroughs.

But his favorite sport is probably soccer. “It’s a worldwide sport that can be played anywhere with only a ball,” he says. Albert Cyprys played intramural soccer at Fairfield University, where he is a student majoring in accounting, and his team was good enough to have won an intramural championship.

Soccer, as Albert Cyprys knows, is known as football in most part of the world, and it is widely considered to be the world’s most popular sport. People in more than two hundred companies regularly take part in the game, and it has a far-reaching impact in many cultures. With enthusiasts like Albert Cyprys, the game continues to grow at a steady pace.

During a soccer game, there are two teams, two nets, and one ball. There are eleven players per team on the soccer field, Albert Cyprys says, including the goalie. The objective is for one team to put the ball in the net of the other team. One goal equals one point.

Albert Cyprys says that while it may sound easy, it’s a little more complicated than that. There are all kinds of strategies used by the two teams during the course of a game. But stripped down to its basics, that is all that is really comes down to: two teams, each defending their net, and trying to put the ball in the net of the opponent.

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