Accountant Professional

Albert Cyprys is now a student at Fairfield University, and is pursuing a degree in accounting. In his free time, Cyprys enjoys learning and playing the saxophone, an instrument that provides him not only the opportunity to belt out fantastic tunes, but also to express himself creatively.

There are many good reasons to learn how to play a musical instrument, as Albert Cyprys knows. Below, he provides several of what he considers to be the primary advantages of becoming a musician.

Improved Cognitive Ability

Research has proven, says Albert Cyprys, how music training and instrument playing lead to improved cognitive ability. Those with musical training or experience playing an instrument tend to have higher cognitive ability than those without, regardless of the age they decide to pick up an instrument and begin playing.

Sharpened Memory

Playing an instrument, as Albert Cyprys knows, keeps the mind limber and active, requiring a heightened level of alertness and activity that leads to stimulation and improved brain function. Such things as learning a foreign language, a new skill or interpreting someone’s feelings tends to become a little easier as you practice and/or play a musical instrument.

Better Motor Skills

Motor skill function can improve drastically during the time you spend learning an instrument. Playing music requires rhythm, hand-eye coordination and controlled breathing, all of which must work in unison to effectively make music. Hands, eyes and even feet often have to work together to make an instrument sound good.

Albert Cyprys encourages anyone, regardless of age, to take a stab at a musical instrument.

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