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As many of us know, higher education has many associated benefits, not only for a person’s career, but also for such things as a person’s happiness, well-being and lifestyle. Albert Cyprys, currently a student at Fairfield University, knows well the benefits of a college education, and is hopeful to be the recipient of its many advantages sometime in the near future.

Albert Cyprys choose to enter college based on what he believes are the primary, perhaps even most interesting, benefits of a university-level education. He lists several of these advantages below.

Salary Potential

According to a recent study, a person with a college-level education tends to earn a higher median salary than one with just a high school diploma. There tends to be a direct correlation, says Albert Cyprys, between a college education and higher earning potential.

Lower Stress

Another study, as Albert Cyprys knows, has shown a link between lower stress and college degrees. A person with a university degree tends to have not only a lower level of stress, but also lower blood pressure when compared to those without.

Healthier Lifestyle

Lower blood pressure and stress aren’t the only health benefits associated with a college education. Those with a college education, says Albert Cyprys, tend to be less likely to engage in unhealthy activities, such as smoking, and are more likely to engage in healthy physical activity and exercise.

Overall Career Satisfaction

Those with a college education tend to have higher levels of satisfaction when it comes to career.

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