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Albert Cyprys takes his skateboard everywhere, traversing the busy and hectic New York City streets, as well as the city’s five Burroughs, as a skateboard enthusiast. Though he enjoys skateboarding as a mode of travel through the city, he also understands the importance of maintaining a heightened level of alertness and focus on a skateboard, as well as to abide by the rules of skateboarding safety.

Skateboarding, as Albert Cyprys knows, is an easy and fast way to avoid the congestion and traffic of New York City, though he also knows the importance of taking every possible precaution in order to ensure both his own personal safety and the safety of others. Following the rules of the road is necessary to maintain good skateboarding safety, as well as to minimize the risks of injury during your Big Apple skateboarding adventure.

Albert Cyprys also has a strong appreciation of the need for skateboarding safety gear, particularly as you are making your way through an extreme amount of automobile, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Such gear as a helmet, knee and elbow pads and long sleeve clothing help to keep the skateboarder protected from the possibility of injury, and demonstrate to others that you take city travel seriously.

Albert Cyprys also understands the need to know certain basic skateboarding techniques as you make your way through busy city life. It’s important, he says, to become intimately familiar with your equipment before taking on the hustle of city streets, no matter where you happen to be.

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