Accountant Professional

Albert Cyprys is a busy college student, though he is also a busy community service volunteer. Splitting his spare time between a local soup kitchen and a local Senior Center, he remains active and involved in efforts to improve people’s lives, and to play a role in strengthening the local community.

Albert Cyprys understands that local charitable organizations, such as those that provide support to the elderly, rely on the help of volunteers, and that more people are always needed and desired to ensure successful operation and function. Senior Center volunteers like Albert Cyprys work to maintain clean dining rooms, provide support to Senior social events and provide invaluable companionship to center residents.

Albert Cyprys knows that many members of the elderly population live on their own, and that it’s often the companionship of volunteers that are vital to their emotional health and well-being. He enjoys nothing more than having a conversation with one of the center’s residents, sharing stories with and learning from people that have accumulated a lifetime of wisdom and invaluable experience. Albert Cyprys does his best to ensure that no one feels left out or ignored during his time at the Center, and actively engages everyone he can in a game, activity or conversation.

Albert Cyprys has become an invaluable part of the Senior Center volunteer team, and continues to enjoy the time he spends with many of the Center’s rich and enduring personalities. He maintains a professional attitude and demeanor during his time at the Center.

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