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Albert Cyprys: Excellent Character and Leader

Albert Cyprys is an active member of his community and serves with a sense of social responsibility that stands as a testament to his good character. He is currently a full time student at the prestigious and private institution called Fairfield University. Fairfield University prides itself on its religious heritage and attempts to instill all of their founding qualities into their students. Their student base is very active in the community through various philanthropic endeavors and continues to help those who cannot help themselves. Albert is involved in a number of organizations including soup kitchens and senior centers in order to fulfill his desire to be an active member in the global community. He deeply believes in the betterment of the society in which we all live and receives a great sense of satisfaction when he helps someone in need. Albert is also a high level competitor on the soccer field who has won numerous awards both in high school and now in college. He thrives in a team environment and his success on the soccer field directly corresponds to his success as an accounting student.

Albert Cyprys is an excellent student and equally excellent soccer player. He has achieved numerous awards within the sport of soccer in both high school and now college. In high school, he played the sport all through out his time there and now plays at the intramural level for Fairfield University. He is an excellent team leader, and it was his ability to lead that won his team the intramural championship. Albert Cyprys is quickly becoming an expert in the world of accounting and will be an asset to any organization he works for after graduation.