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Albert Cyprys – Making a Career Choice

For many young people of Albert Cyprys’ age, making a choice as to what career to follow is often a hard decision. As Albert knows, making the right choice goes beyond choosing a major in college, but rather goes to the skills and aspirations of the individual. It is not an easy time as many will attest, and often individuals have to rely on advice from friends and family to make a decision.

A hardworking and detail-oriented student at Fairfield University, Albert Cyprys decided from a young age that accounting was the field for him. He possesses the mind for numbers and the attention to detail required of the profession, and is lucky for having chosen a career that works to his strengths.

However, a great many young people are not as lucky as Albert Cyprys. Based on his experiences talking to friends and industry professionals, Albert has uncovered a few tips that could come in handy. For starters, he says, choosing a career should be based on something that works to your natural skills and talents. Creative, artistic people can probably look to take on courses in the Arts, while those with entrepreneurial talents can consider business courses.

According to Albert Cyprys, taking the time to figure things out is also recommended. No individual should be pressured to make a decision when they are not ready. If possible, make a list of all the pros and cons of your desired career and consult as many people as possible before settling on a particular career.