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Albert Cyprys is a student at Fairfield University who has embraced the lessons on social responsibility the school so ardently teaches. On a regular basis, he volunteers his time at a local soup kitchen and a senior center. The volunteer experience, in addition to being eye-opening, has also brought a host of benefits for Albert and fellow volunteers. He highlights a few below.

Sense of purpose

Through volunteer work, Albert Cyprys has gotten the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals who have no qualms about helping the less fortunate. Some of the volunteers are Albert’s fellow schoolmates, while others are students from other colleges in the region. At the soup kitchen or senior center, their backgrounds don’t matter: they are simply caring individuals driven to help their fellow citizens.


Volunteers come from different backgrounds and have different experiences to share, something that Albert is always looking forward to. Because they are brought together by a common cause, strong friendship bonds are formed among the volunteers.

Job opportunities

With a fiercely competitive job market, potential applicants can get their taste of a work environment through volunteering. Albert Cyprys knows that this is an avenue many people utilize and in some cases, the volunteer work ends up becoming their life’s calling. Also, some employers like to see some volunteer experience on a candidate’s resume, as it speaks to the candidate’s willingness to help their fellow citizens.

Albert Cyprys lives in New York, where a marginally rising poverty rate has seen the number of people in need grow. Thus, it is up to volunteers like himself to step up and help.

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