Accountant Professional

Even though he has a year before he graduates, Albert Cyprys is already looking forward to joining the workforce and making an impact. As he continues to study and add knowledge, he is also preparing for the most common aspect of gaining a job: the interview. More specifically, he is looking into the different types of questions asked and the possible responses. Apart from the “tell us about yourself” and “how do your skills fit with this job” type of questions, Albert has uncovered another popular one: In what ways are you a team player?

Teamwork is crucial in most work environments, and employers like to question a candidate’s ability to be productive in a team setting. The question is a favorite of interviewers, and according to Albert Cyprys, looks to uncover a number of areas such as: the candidates’ ability to communicate with team members, understand the opinions and ideas of others, and make their contribution to the overall success of the team.

The team work question is a popular one that is phrased in numerous ways, says Albert Cyprys, but almost always is looking at the candidate’s core abilities in the aforementioned areas. You will be wise not to cram any answers but give an honest response with regards to those areas. For an effective answer, imagine the type of team player the interviewer is hinting at and then deliver a response that meets that image.

With that in mind, Albert Cyprys knows he will be able to capably answer the teamwork question in any setting.

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