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Skateboarding is a sport that has evolved in several ways. When it started, it was mostly done in empty pools and parks. Once grinding became more common, more skaters started hitting the streets and taking on hand rails and other city-built features. And lastly, when surf culture collided with skateboarding, the long board was bred. Below is a breakdown of what makes longboarding and shortboarding two completely different styles of skateboarding.

When skateboarding was invented, the boards were just about in their shortest state. In those days, spinning around like a ballerina on a tiny board was how most competitors earned themselves recognition. When the Dogtown and Bones Brigade days came about, things got more technical and you started to see flip tricks and grinds. Ironically, the boards started to get longer throughout this period; but they came to a halt at a size that was rideable and flippable, which is now how most modern skateboards are shaped.

Longboarding became a thing when surfers saw what their friends were doing on the concrete, and wanted to find a compromise that was more reminiscent of cruising a wave than carving a half pipe. Longboards are not only longer than shortboards, but they also have bigger wheels and trucks in order to ride over pebbles, cracks in cement and other potential hazards. Longboarders can go incredibly fast down mountain roads, or they can simply use their board as a commuting vehicle that provides an easy and healthy ride around town.

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