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What Makes Soccer Great

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and with good reason. Not only is it physically challenging, but the rules are universal and most countries in the world have their own leagues. For professional players, this means that they can essentially be recruited anywhere. This is not only good for the players that they have all this opportunity, but in many ways it is good for the world. The World Cup is a perfect example of the sense of diplomacy that the World Cup creates. Despite political struggles and sometimes even cases of war, two countries will play against each other on a field where those discussions are set aside for the sake of enjoying an authentic moment of competition and sportsmanship between each other.

Besides its diplomatic properties, soccer is also a very low-cost and simple sport to participate in. All you need is a ball and some friends; and from there you can get as creative as necessary to make improvised goals and set up the field. Even professionals don’t use all that much equipment; they have uniforms, cleats, shin guards and socks. It is a widely played sport in part because of its minimal nature, which allows people from impoverished areas to participate and garner the same enjoyment from soccer that the rest of the world does.

Albert Cyprys loves to play soccer. He is involved with an intramural team at his school that has done exceptionally well; and they even recently won the league championship.

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