Accountant Professional

When Albert Cyprys chose to first major, and then complete a Masters, in Accounting at Fairfield University. It wasn’t simply because he wanted to work with numbers in his future career. Of course, accounting and other financial degrees do give you knowledge of commerce, accountancy practices and finance, but they also equip you with a wide range of other broader skills that will enhance your career options too.

Studying accounting disciplines will develop your problem solving, critical thinking and analytical ability as well as your numerical and quantitative skills. You will improve your written and oral communication abilities, become skilled at arguing your case and a better negotiator as a result.

Studying accountancy will also grow your knowledge of global business matters, and how closely entwined are the actions and activities of markets around the world, and how, following the financial market crashes in 2008/9 it is a global challenge to manage and control these markets.

You also learn skills that will help develop entrepreneurship, which is valuable asset to employers looking for employees with potential to help grow and lead their business. Entrepreneurship isn’t only about running your own business it’s about development and growth in many fields.

In the modern world technology, largely, does all the number crunching. The accountant’s role is much more about providing sound analysis, expertise and insights to make those numbers useful and Albert Cyprys as a graduate of Fairfield University, is looking forward to delivering those skills in the workplace. He received his Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Fairfield University in 2014, and his Masters of Science in Accounting, from Fairfield University in 2015.

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