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Albert Cyprys: How Important is it to get an Internship?

It is becoming increasingly clear that whilst a good degree is important, it has significantly less value without relevant experience. Albert Cyprys graduated first with a degree and then with a Masters in Accounting from Fairfield University in 2015, and is convinced that being an intern to gain relevant experience is what made the difference in his being able to gain permanent paid employment in his chosen profession since graduating.

Analysts report that graduates who may have worked hard in their studies and obtained great grades, but worked their holidays in non-profession related employment such as bars or shops, did not, on the whole, obtain the best jobs on offer to graduates.

Employers are increasingly demanding that applicants demonstrate that they have relevant experience before they will offer any role even if they have an application studded with an exemplary academic record from a top-tier university and a first-class degree.

Taking part in paid or unpaid work placements or internships whilst still studying will differentiate that candidate in the selection process to such an extent that those without such experience may not even be considered for an interview.

With many more graduates entering the workplace, it is clear that candidates have to work harder to stand out, and internships become increasingly sought after. Therefore, as an undergraduate you must plan that work experience aspect of studies carefully and in good time, to give yourself the very best chance of gaining employment in your chosen field.

Albert Cyprys certainly feels that being as rounded an individual as possible through his experience, volunteering, and sports alongside his good grades made a positive difference for him.

Albert Cyprys – Playing Sport Can Make for Better Grades

Albert Cyprys is a graduate of Fairfield University obtaining his Masters in Accounting in 2015, and his degree in 2014 with a major in Accounting and minor in economics. Throughout his time at University Albert maintained an active lifestyle, playing tennis, soccer, and skateboarding amongst other activities, even though the academic workload was significant. He feels that this was a benefit to his studies and it would seem that research over recent years supports this view.

In 2011, the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign published the results of a traffic-dodging road crossing experiment where they pitted college athletes from a variety of sports against college students who did not participate in sports.

The results suggested that the student athletes managed crossings better than the non-athletes, and that it did not appear to make a difference as to whether their sport demanded excellent timing and tactical thinking. Researchers felt this strongly indicated that physical activity and training does reshape the brain.

It is hoped to study that outcome in more depth in the future, but it appears that the key point confirms that the route Albert Cyprys took during his studies was a wise choice. Participating in sport, running, tennis, swimming, gymnastics or soccer, whatever you choose, may sharpen concentration and focus. In addition, based on this experiment at least, may mean that you can cross a busy intersection more safely!

Albert Cyprys – Skateboarding in New York City

New York City and its boroughs are some of the best places to skateboard in the world according to many who enjoy the sport. Albert Cyprys has lived in Brooklyn, New York for most of his life, and loves all that the area has to offer. Albert has recently graduated with his Masters degree in Accounting from Fairfield University, and is now working for a major accounting firm, but always tries to make time to get out on his board to explore and discover new places to skate.

For a sense of freedom in the city, nothing really beats grabbing your board and taking to the streets and the skate parks of Manhattan and the five boroughs. For the outer boroughs such as NY State and Long Island, it will take a little more research and knowledge to discover the best places to go, but there are many resources on the internet and through word of mouth to help.

There are now an extensive number of ‘official’ skate parks throughout the area, which are great facilities and offer some good places to meet up. Equally, there are plenty of areas where ‘unofficial’ skate parks have been established by local groups, which can provide exciting environments to skate in.

It is important to remember to respect these unofficial spots and the communities that live and work around them. If good relations are maintained, then this can ensure that the spots are allowed to continue to be used and not shutdown or destroyed.

For Albert Cyprys, it’s a great way to meet new people and discover unknown parts of the wider city area and gives him a real change of scene.