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New York City and its boroughs are some of the best places to skateboard in the world according to many who enjoy the sport. Albert Cyprys has lived in Brooklyn, New York for most of his life, and loves all that the area has to offer. Albert has recently graduated with his Masters degree in Accounting from Fairfield University, and is now working for a major accounting firm, but always tries to make time to get out on his board to explore and discover new places to skate.

For a sense of freedom in the city, nothing really beats grabbing your board and taking to the streets and the skate parks of Manhattan and the five boroughs. For the outer boroughs such as NY State and Long Island, it will take a little more research and knowledge to discover the best places to go, but there are many resources on the internet and through word of mouth to help.

There are now an extensive number of ‘official’ skate parks throughout the area, which are great facilities and offer some good places to meet up. Equally, there are plenty of areas where ‘unofficial’ skate parks have been established by local groups, which can provide exciting environments to skate in.

It is important to remember to respect these unofficial spots and the communities that live and work around them. If good relations are maintained, then this can ensure that the spots are allowed to continue to be used and not shutdown or destroyed.

For Albert Cyprys, it’s a great way to meet new people and discover unknown parts of the wider city area and gives him a real change of scene.

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