Accountant Professional

Albert Cyprys is a member of Beta Alpha Psi, a professional honor organization for accounting, finance and information systems students.  This organization which promotes fellowship and the exchange of career and academic information among members, was founded in 1919 at the University of Illinois, although it is now based in Durham, North Carolina.  With over 300 chapters and 300,000 members worldwide, Beta Alpha Psi works to celebrate scholastic and professional standards of the highest order among those in business information careers.  Included in the credos of Beta Alpha Psi are directives to “strive to encourage a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility”.  High social values in an organization which also promote his accounting career, fits Albert Cyprys’ sensibilities regarding the support and elevation of his fellow man.

The Certified Public Accountant title, shortened to the acronym CPA, was established in New York in 1896.  To foster even more focus on accounting knowledge as it relates to commerce, Beta Alpha Psi began 23 years later to encourage the CPA certification on college campuses.  CPA certification regulations were quick to follow in all of the United States.  Albert Cyprys owes his current pride in membership in Beta Alpha Psi to Hiram Scovill, a young accounting professor who returned to his alma mater, the University of Illinois in 1908 and formed an accounting club with a junior colleague, A.C. Littleton.  The first three principles of membership were scholarship, practicality and sociability, and the infant organization emphasized ethics in the practice of accounting.

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