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Albert Cyprys – How to Make Eating Right Easier

Albert Cyprys is aware of the importance of eating right and strives to do so every day. He understands that healthy eating isn’t easy for everyone and there was a time when he found it difficult as well. If you are struggling to eat healthy, these tips can help.

Remove Junk Food
If there is junk food in your home, you are likely going to eat it. If you are serious about eating right it is a good idea to remove all the bad foods from your home so you are not tempted to eat them.

Find Substitutes
It can be hard to give up the foods you love but finding substitutes can make it easier. Instead of eating chocolate, you may want to consider mixing cocoa powder with peanut butter. Instead of eating ice cream you may want to try frozen yogurt. These changes still allow you to enjoy your favorite flavors but are leaner options.

Team Up
If one person in your family is trying to eat right and the others are still eating junk food or meals that aren’t healthy, it can make eating right difficult. Make sure you let your family members and friends know about your plans to eat healthy and encourage them to join you or at least support you.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult and if you are struggling with it, the above tips may help make it easier. Albert Cyprys loves to eat organic foods and foods that are full of nutrition. You can make healthy eating a part of your everyday life as well.

Albert Cyprys – Different Types of Bicycles

Whether it is for enjoyment, exercise or even a commute, Albert Cyprys loves to ride his bike. As a resident of New York City, he also has the benefit of living in a bike-friendly city where you can get anywhere via two wheels. Furthermore, it is also an area of varied terrain, where numerous different types of the bikes, such as the ones below, would fare well in the city.

Road Bike
The most popular choice among bike commuters, the road bike is the fastest and lightest of bicycle types, thus making it the preferred choice of long-distance riders. With a road bike’s slim wheels and frame, a rider can arrive at their destinations faster. They can also enjoy easier carrying, if they find themselves needing to carry their bikes up stairs.

Mountain Bike
Mountain bikes fall into similar levels of practicality to the road bike, as their many gears allow riders to have a comfortable ride uphill. Mountain bikes tend to have larger frames and tires, which makes them more stable to the ground. Mountain bikes, however, are the heaviest non-motorized bike option, which could be uncomfortable for those who have to carry their bikes up flights of stairs.

BMX Bike
A BMX bike is, in all likelihood, the least versatile of bicycles. Built mostly for riding dirt jumps and in skate parks, a BMX bike has no gears. But for what it lacks in ability, a BMX makes up for in overall fun because of the tricks and jumps that BMX riders do.

Albert Cyprys has ridden these types of bikes and more.

Distinguished Beta Alpha Psi Member Albert Cyprys Works in Global Marketing

Albert Cyprys is a member of Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary accountant’s organization with a distinguished history.   First president Russell Morrison was the only one of the original founding members who was still a practicing CPA by 1939, and was also a member of the American Accounting Association.  Morrison helped further the cause of accounting and CPA’s through his work on the Committee to Prepare a Statement of Basic Accounting Theory.  Beta Alpha Psi created a national constitution in 1921, but did not admit women until 1950 when Jeannie Skelton of Miami University was admitted as the first female member.

Today, Beta Alpha Psi has chapters at the University of Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney, Australia.  Massey University, the University of Auckland, the University of Waikato and Victoria University, all of New Zealand, also support chapters of Beta Alpha Psi.  The organization’s Professional Partners is a group of prominent professional accountants in public accounting, industry and government who provide advice and assistance to the operations and special projects of Beta Alpha Psi.  On a local level, students guide each chapter’s work, but local chapters such as that of Albert Cyprys may act as accounting honor societies, or as financial information fraternities.

Today, Albert Cyprys continues his association with Beta Alpha Psi, as he works as an accountant, evaluating and pricing products appropriately in a variety of worldwide markets, calculating delivery costs and information into a total estimate of evaluations of cost versus profit, which in turn is affected by the determination of the appropriate profit margin for the product and for the market.

Albert Cyprys: How Important is it to get an Internship?

It is becoming increasingly clear that whilst a good degree is important, it has significantly less value without relevant experience. Albert Cyprys graduated first with a degree and then with a Masters in Accounting from Fairfield University in 2015, and is convinced that being an intern to gain relevant experience is what made the difference in his being able to gain permanent paid employment in his chosen profession since graduating.

Analysts report that graduates who may have worked hard in their studies and obtained great grades, but worked their holidays in non-profession related employment such as bars or shops, did not, on the whole, obtain the best jobs on offer to graduates.

Employers are increasingly demanding that applicants demonstrate that they have relevant experience before they will offer any role even if they have an application studded with an exemplary academic record from a top-tier university and a first-class degree.

Taking part in paid or unpaid work placements or internships whilst still studying will differentiate that candidate in the selection process to such an extent that those without such experience may not even be considered for an interview.

With many more graduates entering the workplace, it is clear that candidates have to work harder to stand out, and internships become increasingly sought after. Therefore, as an undergraduate you must plan that work experience aspect of studies carefully and in good time, to give yourself the very best chance of gaining employment in your chosen field.

Albert Cyprys certainly feels that being as rounded an individual as possible through his experience, volunteering, and sports alongside his good grades made a positive difference for him.