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Albert Cyprys – The Joy of Skateboarding

As someone who can regularly be seen skateboarding throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Albert Cyprys is a proud aficionado of his most favorite sport. Riding a skateboard gives him plenty of joy for a number of reasons, some of which are shared below.


Skateboarding is a great form of exercise, as it helps build leg and core muscles while also being a cardiovascular workout.  Skateboarders get good exercise from riding their skateboards because pushing the board can be demanding on calf muscles, while doing tricks often relies on the strength of the hips, abs and more.


The creativity aspect of skateboarders is still something that many competition judges have yet to quantify. For many skaters, skateboarding is an outlet for creativity where they can make the absolute most of what’s available to them. For skateboarders, the city is a playground in the truest sense, as they can ollie or grind upon just about any feature they choose.


While skateboarding helps people build their creativity and also get physical exercise, the benefits don’t end there. In fact, the number one benefit of skateboarding is the sheer fun and enjoyment that people get while participating. Skateboarding is an exciting way to learn how to overcome obstacles; and with every new trick landed, Albert Cyprys loves the sport that much more.