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Albert Cyprys – Free and Accessible Ways to Exercise

Albert Cyprys likes to keep fit through adhering to a regular workout routine. As a person who is as resourceful as he is athletic, Cyprys has often opted for forms of exercise that don’t necessitate a gym membership. Instead, he likes to take advantage of what’s around him, and participate in some of the following activities.


Skateboarding is not only Albert Cyprys’s favorite hobby, but it is also a great form of exercise. Riding a skateboard is a fun activity that also works out the legs and core of your body, not to mention helps with cardiovascular health. But all of those reasons do not carry the weight of the sheer joy that Albert gets out of riding his skateboard around the streets of New York City.


Another fun physical activity that Albert Cyprys engages in regularly is playing basketball. As a team sport, basketball not only demands a player be in good physical shape, but it also helps develop social and teamwork abilities that can be useful in everyday life.


Riding a bike is one of the most traditional ways to travel while also getting some quality exercise. Riding a bike is a great cardiovascular exercise that is also good for the legs and back. What’s even more important is that biking is a great way to commute, especially if you live in a busy city like NYC.

Albert Cyprys does these types of exercises and more on a regular basis because of how accessible and economical they are.